The online home of Sandra Lewis Gans - Prophetic Bible Teacher, Speaker, Encourager 

The online home of Sandra Lewis Gans - Prophetic Bible Teacher, Speaker, Author, Consultant 

Hi from Sandra!

Welcome to POSITIONED, LLC, a faith based for-profit ministry that shares the gospel, encourages people in their personal spiritual journey, and seeks to reveal God's great heart of love to the world. I'm so glad that you stopped by! 

I believe that God has uniquely POSITIONED His children in a place of authority, power, privilege and blessing. It's all about a right mindset...Many times we are begging, trying to get something from God or get Him to do something...Understanding "POSITIONED" means that we acknowledge that God has already done and given us everything In Christ Jesus. It's more about connecting with Him, obeying Him and learning how to align ourselves with Him so that we receive all that He has planned for us. This position is not only for us and our personal benefit, but also for the world around us. We are not disadvantaged people; instead we are empowered people and have been given the advantage in every way through our Savior Jesus. POSITIONED is a mentality...It is finished, already done! We NOW stand in it and discover what it means to walk in the earth as Sons of the Living God, supernatural people connected to a supernatural God! 

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I'm excited for the opportunity to inspire  and motivate you to live out your BEST life with God! 

Love and Blessings

Sandra Lewis Gans


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