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"Sandra, Hope all is well! God is restoring my soul after I lost my husband 2 years ago. Thanks for the Word you teach. It gave me hope and encouragement in a difficult season of my life. You are a blessing!" (Mildred, Auburn WA)

"God knew what I needed to hear! Thank you for your newsletter "Good expectations." I love the phrase "The power and love of God begins to manifest our new expectations as we learn to obey and cooperate with him." I put your newsletter on my refrig to remind me to expect God's goodness. Thanks for your gift with me!" (CP, Olympia, WA)

Thank you for your willingness to come and be a vessel to bring fresh water to us...Thank you for your honesty, for sharing from your heart and life with us. It is so encouraging to hear that others have been through some of the same difficulties and come out in victory! It's so great to see what God has done!

(Sally, Mexico)

There was a time that I was going through a spell of sadness...I wished that I had a friend to talk to. I prayed to God and Sandra's name popped into my mind. I had met her a few years before at a prayer meeting. I wrote and asked if she would meet with me...I met with her over a few weeks, praying and talking and learning to see things from a different perspective. We prayed over family situations as well as personal issues, thoughts etc. Along with the internal changes that began to take place, we discussed my outer image of myself...Sadly I began to realize that I was hiding behind my long hair and too big clothes...So I took action and got rid of lots of my too big clothes and went and got myself a stylish haircut. Now I feel better about myself, I am getting compliments, walking taller and smiling more. I was ready for change and meeting with Sandra helped me to do it. Her enthusiasm and joy in life has helped me to see what I need to do, and how to let go and move on. I thank the Lord for Sandra and allowing her to be there when I needed a friend. (Judy, Olympia, WA)

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