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             Sandra is an anointed Bible teacher and preacher of God’s Word. Since the late 1980"s she has been teaching and declaring God's faithfulness to His people. Teaching with prophetic insight and wisdom, she loves to encourage and inspire you to believe God for your life and future. She travels across the United States sharing God’s goodness and love, and teaching God's Word through Bible studies, conferences, retreats and workshops. She has also preached and ministered in Romania, Mexico, Haiti, and Canada. She is Founder of "POSITIONED"—a faith based for-profit ministry designed to teach, encourage, bless and empower people with wisdom and common sense for their lives.

Sandra's passion to share and teach God's Word is a result of the call of God on her life and the beauty and power of experiencing how God and His Word radically changed her life. For many years in her early life she was bound by issues of fear, inferiority, and suffered with low self-esteem. She had no sense of self, was a people pleaser, lacked confidence and was full of self-doubt. As a result she was in unhealthy relationships, experienced domestic abuse, and was a mess. This all began to change as God's Word, presence and power entered her life. 

The foundation of Sandra's life and ministry is the Word of God. She learned early in her relationship with God to make spending consistent time in His Word a priority in her life. Believing God's Word, speaking it, and basing her life on that Word is central to a changed and powerful life. She teaches others the importance of building their lives on God's Word.

Sandra's teachings are a combination of scripture, prophetic insight given by the Holy Spirit and personal stories and testimonies that demonstrate the power, glory and goodness of our great God.

Sandra lives in Olympia, WA with the love of her life David. She loves teaching God’s Word, entertaining, traveling to new places, walking, biking, reading, shopping, decorating, and enjoying life as much as possible. 

Facts ​about Sandra

I started teaching Sunday School and home Bible Studies in the mid 1980's.

I am an encourager. I love helping people believe in themselves and in our God.

There are many forms of therapy that I like...But one of my favorite is going to Walmart and pushing around an empty cart...No need to buy anything. It works every time!!

Dancing is one of my favorite forms of exercise and fun! At my birthday party each year I REQUIRE my friends to dance with me! How cool! They love me enough to comply! Such fun.

I enjoy browsing second-hand and thrift stores. I love the process of taking something used and finding new purpose and use for it. I really enjoy giving new life to old, used, and sometimes broken stuff. It reminds me of the sweet nature and redemption of our God

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